Collection: Boss HD+ Plows in Latham, NY

If you're looking for larger, municipal-grade plows, BOSS has what you want! The newly designed HD+ has increased blade curl to minimize snow blowing over the blade and increase visibility when windrowing. Designed for medium-duty trucks, the BOSS Heavy-Duty Straight-Blades feature a reinforced moldboard with enhanced blade curl to power through deep, wet snow. They come standard with the SL3 light system with Ice Shield Technology to handle every job, even in the worst conditions. Because when it's on you to RESTORE ORDER, BOSS is always there to BACK YOU UP.
  • New Enhanced Blade Curl to decrease snow blowing over the blade and to increase visibility.
  • Heavy-Duty Push Frame and Attachment Bar for strength and durability to take on winter’s worst.
  • Full Moldboard Trip Design helps to prevent plow damage when an obstacle is encountered.
  • SmartLight 3 LED Headlight System uses DOT-compliant 100% LED lights and Ice Shield Technology to prevent snow and ice build-up.

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